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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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i am j.r. stone. police say the woman, in her early 20s, was killed this morning. are mala are gone joins us. what can you tell us about this case?>> reporter: police responded after midnight to a 911 service called to a home on fairview street. when they arrived they found 23- year-old ariana had tommy with severe injuries to the head. they also found a 23-year-old frederick tran on the scene it was believed to have been dating her. she was taken to san francisco general where she later died of her injuries. as far as frederick tran, he was booked into san mateo county jail. police were in the neighborhood following the incident, knocking on each and every door in search for answers.>> he told me that a crime happened down the street and had i heard
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anything. screaming or anything. i told him no. then i asked my mother-in-law. she was asleep and didn't hear anything. we never had a problem in the street. we have been living in this neighborhood for years. i was shocked that this happened.>> reporter: other neighbors we spoke to didn't know either one personally but would see them go in and out of the home on fairview street. preliminary investigation shows had tommy died of blunt force trauma. police did not provide details about the nature of her injuries. if this is a homicide, it would mark daly city's first homicide of 2016, just as there were -- we are finishing up the year.
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at least one family will be mourning the loss of this young woman. ian irby was killed when police say his girlfriend ran him over in the parking lot of the glenwood apartments in hercules. a witness called to report that desiree barela was driving in circles with the victim under the car. when officers arrived, he was dead. barela is charged with vehicular manslaughter. bayless separating thousand dollars. she will be arraigned on monday, december 19. one person was killed and five injured after a tree fell on a wedding party in southern california. witnesses say the party was
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taking photos with the tree came crashing down. you see some of the video of it there. one witness says the tree split into two and landed on a number of people. onlookers say people at a nearby birthday party tried to help. firefighters used chainsaws to cut branches. authorities are working to determine what caused the tree to fall. according to alameda county sheriff's, two deputies were seen beating a man on surveillance video. deputies approach the suspect, stanislav petrov. he led them on a 40 minute chase. you can see in the video deputies catch up. they beat them with their batons even after it appears he
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surrendered. both have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the ghost ship fire in oakland is several weeks old. dolan was one of musicians killed in the fire. spencer blake has more. >> reporter: hundreds of people at the public works this afternoon for a memorial for someone who had performed in countless clubs. it blasted the electronic music she created and loved.>> my beloved daughter. >> reporter: the musicians mother and other family members major the atmosphere was one that chelsea would've enjoyed. the lights, music, and pictures highlighted her uniqueness.>>
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her personality could not be contained. she burst out in colors.>> reporter: she had many aliases. she formed run the length of your wildness, series of monday night parties in san francisco. >> we are all recognizing what an important pillar of our community she is. >> reporter: several of her friends mention the time she spent living in berlin and how hard she worked, even cleaning houses abroad. she ended up befriending people from several countries and learned their native languages. her childhood friend's essay was poignant. >> we both want to try and travel. -- time travel. >> reporter: chelsea was laid to rest last week. the sadness served as a reminder of how chelsea tended to end with the positive.
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chelsea dolan's family said she was a multi-instrumentalist and she had been up child prodigy as well. she was 33 years old. spencer blake, kron4. we now turn to weather. the talk of the town this evening. we're joined by lawrence cargo. how cold will it get?>> that's what everybody wants to know. it is cold out there already. the arctic blast of air starting to settle in. it will probably be the coldest air of the entire season so far. a clear look outside. nary a cloud in the sky. the temperatures are already dropping off to freezing. are free will -- freeze warning has been issued for the bay area. we have a freeze warning in the north and east bay, also into the south day. temperatures will hover down into the 20s and some 30s.
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elsewhere, in the central part of the state, a hard freeze there. cold air in place, the temperature dropping down to the mid-30s, even at the beaches. they had frost this morning. even more for tomorrow morning. 41 in san jose, 34 already in livermore. it is 36 in napa, 37 in navarro, already at freezing. 33 in fairfield. only going down from here. a lot of folks are out there, but it is only going to get colder. some of the valley will be down in the 20s. we will let you know when things might warm-up again in a
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couple of minutes. as below freezing temperatures it the bay area, people are finding ways to stay warm. local fire departments are warning people to be careful. lidia penn causes live in the east bay. how cold is it right now?>> reporter: it is about 37 degrees in san ramon. firefighters are warning people using space heaters to take extra precautions.>> as you crank up the heat and on the lot near your fireplaces, firefighters are sending out a warning about space heaters. >> it can be an efficient way to heat a small area but it has to be done safely. >> reporter: some won't use them because of the risks.>> our concern with that is if one of our kids turned them on and against left on, it's too mac much of a hazard. we work with the heating system
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in the home.>> to use space heaters? >> we use the heater at home or bundle up.>> reporter: jim sullivan are with the san ramon fire department says you should make sure there is at least 3 feet of open space around your heater.>> keep them on a flat, stable surface. there is always danger. supervise them at all time. be careful around them.>> reporter: never leave it unattended.>> if you leave the room, turn it off.>> reporter: if you haven't used the heaters in your home, make sure they work properly.>> anytime we are going user heaters for the first time in the winter, often there will be some type of dust accumulation in the warmer months. when you turn it on, that is what you're smelling.>> that was lidia penn tells us
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reporting. one hayward resident was fed up with reoccurring package thefts and decided to do something about it. she set up a security camera and a decoy package. you can see the package thief casually walking to the front door, taking the item, walking back to the car, putting the package in the passenger seat. the resident now has video evidence of the crime along with a shot of the license plate. you can see the homeowner run out of the house to confront the man. the car quickly takes off. the resident has turned the video over to hayward police. christmas is right around the corner. there are several efforts in the bay area to make sure everyone has a good holiday. jeff pierce has that story. >> reporter: christmas is for kids. in san francisco, two organizations major that children from vulnerable
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families got toys. the salvation army held the toy for joy shot.>> -- a small army of volunteers guided families to make selections from huge piles of toys.>> i like giving my part to the people in the community. >> today could be a day where people go shopping. instead, i feel like this is a day to help, to help other people who need help. >> reporter: that help came from the community.>> we can only do this because of all the donors, all these toys, all the gibson here are donated.>> reporter: hundreds lined up to receive gifts tonight. one family showed up before the sun rose. >> we had some line up at midnight last night. they had five kids and were first in line. they said they were homeless and could not afford to get
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toys to their children.>> reporter: for many children that meant there really was a santa claus.>> merry christmas to you, okay? >> reporter: sometimes the simplest gifts bring the most joy. the federal government is taking a stance on water loss in california. we will have the details of legislation that obama has signed off on. a south san francisco home up in flames. what we know about what could've spark the fire. -- sparked the fire.
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. shenanigans might be the best way to describe the next story. usually it means high-spirited
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behavior or mischief. we call it people behaving badly. stanley roberts spent some time at union square where shenanigans seem to run rampant, especially during the last few days of the christmas holiday season.>> -- >> reporter: stanley roberts thousand people behaving badly. >> i want you to let everyone know that you should not behave badly. someone is watching with a camera.>> reporter: somebody might popout with a camera and give you an anti-gridlock ticket. one of the most iconic features of san francisco is the cable car. give it a shot, but be advised
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sometimes people turn in front of the cable car and could slow traffic. on that subject, while you're waiting, people will hit you up for cash. i was hit up twice in less and four minutes. this guy gave me instruction on writing the cable car. if you plan on using bart, there he is again. go figure. he is also a bart transportation expert. you give him money and he will tell you how to ride bart. this guy will do it for free. it's always great to see people talking to him, usually directly under no stopping side. where -- sign. wears a cop when you need one? there is. if you are going to do
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shenanigans, be careful around horses. they are wearing santa hats. one final note. this is a full month. it's not a real month, hence the name full month. they are relieving you of your holiday cash. this is not his first i'm running into a full month.>> i have had it in my wallet this whole time.>> reporter: this time they got me. instead of getting in trouble, and enjoy the final -- finer points like free coffee or great music. maybe it is a regular on a street corner. remember, don't behave badly. stanley roberts, kron4. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email us at
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people behaving badly at people behaving the man who can be credited with saving countless lives passed away. henry heimlich, creator of the heimlich maneuver, died today. he invented the treatment in 1974 during his time at jewish hospital in cincinnati. his family released a statement calling him a hero to many people around the world. his son says the death resulted from complications suffering a heart attack. he was 96. still ahead, shooting in an unlikely place. the investigation underway in san mateo after a man was shot outside a bowling alley. trump continues his thank you tour. we will have pilot from his latest -- highlights from his latest speech and alabama.
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a man heard at a bowling alley last night is in serious conviction. -- connect -- condition.>> reporter: an unusually busy night in san mateo reached ahead after gunshots were heard in the parking lot outside a bowling alley. police quickly had the place surrounded. >> i was hanging out with coworkers. >> reporter: the victim, 24- year-old man who investigators say was at a hospital in serious but stable condition, police say the victim was inside the bowling alley at some point but it's not clear what led up to the shooting outside. san mateo police say this was not random. investigators say the victim was targeted and this was
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intentional. the shootings done many -- stunned many.>> what happened last night is obviously a tragedy, but we know this is a place to have fun. we will keep doing that. >> reporter: general manager louis steen says she appreciates all the support. members of the community pledged to continue to show up despite what happened. err i want this to stay a safe environment. that is our number one goal.>> reporter: investigators have not released any suspect information. police say they haven't ruled out this case maybe gang- related. in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron4. for nearly a month, donald
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trump traveled across the country in what some have called his thank you tour. saturday his tour wrapped up in alabama. thousands of supporters lined up for hours to see the president-elect in his final thank you tour stop in alabama, a location where some greeted trump in fancy dresses. >> boycotted we do well in the south. i said if i lost i was going to moved to alabama or someplace in the south. >> reporter: trump has traveled across the country having postelection rallies, several key battleground states.>> thank you to ohio. these are great people in north carolina. thank you to the great people of iowa. >> reporter: trump admitted his supporters got violent during the campaign. >> you are nasty and mean and vicious. but now your mellow.
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your cool. and you're not nearly as vicious or violent. >> reporter: hackers interfered with the 2016 elections. trump has called those claims ridiculous. as for president obama, he says he delivered a warning to vladimir putin on cyber hacking during the g20 summit.>> there will be serious consequences. in fact, we did not see further tampering of the election process.>> reporter: the president warned he would retaliate against russia for hacking and what intelligence officials concluded was an attempt to help trump win the presidency.>> china says it is in the process of returning an underwater drone sees from the us. the navy released two drones to conduct research in the international waters south of china. when an unmanned, unarmed
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military research ship was in the process of retrieving the drone, chinese boat took control of it. the chinese defense ministry says there vote initially didn't know what the drone was and seized it for navigational safety reasons. the seizure comes in at time of heightened tension between china and the us, first from trump taking a call from taiwan's president, then with him questioning the legitimacy of the one china policy. jurors will not continue -- consider dylann roof's mental health when they decide whether to give him the death penalty. is being sentenced for killing nine lakh charleston church worshipers. notice was filed saying he will not call answer -- any mental health issues -- specialist during his trial. the same jury that convicted him of hate charges thursday
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will decide whether he is sentenced to life in prison without parole or the death penalty. roof is acting as his own lawyer in this penalty phase. back in the bay, officers are asking for your help in finding a missing 21- year-old man. christopher hernandez was last seen one week ago in san leandro. he is believed to be with the family member in oakland. hernandez is 5 foot to and 150 pounds. if you have information on his whereabouts, don't hesitate to contact the san leandro police. the family of perl pinson celebrated her 16th birthday today. her sister, rose, is not giving up hope that she is out there somewhere. police say fernando castro kidnapped her on a freeway overpass above interstate 780. castro was a stranger to perl according to police. he was killed in a shootout with police. no one has heard from perl since. the sheriff's office says there
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are no new leads. rose is determined to keep perl in the news and says she will continue to look for her sister. trump continues his thank you tour and president obama is in hawaii. we will explain what he is doing there. winter weather is causing problems all across the country. we will show you the damage so far this weekend. a lot of people are dreaming about hawaii right now. very cold temperatures. we will break that down across the country coming up next.
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the obama's last christmas vacation to hawaii kicks off this weekend. pfl the family is on the island of oahu where the president was born. the commander-in-chief spent the day today playing golf in 70 degree weather. on site childhood friends and secret service aids.
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the five some will stay through hawaii through the new year. another round of winter storms rolled throughout the us. millions are trying to stay warm this weekend. a deep freeze set in across the country with low temperatures in the single-digits. a blast of cold air caused wet roads to freeze nationwide, triggering numerous traffic accidents and airport delays. millions of people in a rush to get packages shipped in time for christmas, postal service officials are facing the winter weather had on.>> as long as counties and cities keep the roads clean, we plan to be out there. does mother nature give us a gut punch every now and then? shirqat but we 06get through.>>4 usps expects 5 million visitors at their post offices nationwide on monday. i'm joined by lawrence garneau.
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i am excited about these cold p= football games.>> it's fun to watch them in the snow. it is good to be out there. lenny of those games tomorrow. look at the storm system sliding across the us. you see the rain out ahead of behind that, we have plenty of cold snow. that continues lo÷to fall from chicago down through st. louis into dallas. this is a very cold event. it is developing outside. how cold? t5-=check out the tem -16, -9 in minneapolis, only 24 degrees in dallas, -12 at denver. looks like things will stay chilly overnight. probably down to -25 in trs&nneapolis. some unbelievably dangerous cold in those parts of the country. then highs tomorrow, we will keep things very chilly, -10 in minneapolis, 1 degree in chicago, 49 in new york and 30 degrees in dallas. very cold temperatures around
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much of the country. -35 degrees in mina. that is too mac cold for me. we have freeze warnings out for5 much of the bay area away from the coastline in the north bay and eastbay. temperatures in the mid-20s and 30s in the valleys in zo7é@the mountains. yáo protect the sensitive plants, the pipes. don't forget about the people. what an extra blanket on the bed. it will be chilly. along the )kdcoastline, frost advisory going into effect. we will see temperatures down in the 30s. more widespread frost tomorrow morning with very cold temperatures. out the door it is nice and clear. the winds have calmed down. that's why temperatures will get very cold tonight, down to 34 in q%livermore. it's 40 in concord. 36 in napa, 33 in fairfield, 32 in petaluma. very cold air settling in
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overheadg4-ñx@á÷. it will stick for one more night. we will see a weak offshore wind. that will keep us cold to the coastline tonight. tomorrow cold air will shift a little further to the east. how about these numbers? e-1 down to about 25 degrees in santa rosa. 27 in napa, 26 in concord, 25 in livermore, down to 37 in san francisco. that will be a record cold overnight low. chilly temperatures on g/ 6ñth we will watch the hf7numbers wa up a little bit next week. winter begins but it p,ñ$xfeel it is here already. it begins hgtso3on wednesday.>> leader )w
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utella, and %qñ orange juice. pope francis followed the breakfast by celebrating mass. officers break into a car to rescue what they thought was an elderly woman. what it actually was and what wp ÷ ø4
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sheriff's officials in santa cruz county are warning residents mac to be aware of a spiking lsd use. the drug is being named for a number of incidents and arrest.ñ in november, authority say a 15- year-old who took the drug before stabbing his father and uncle was fatally shot by police. in the latest occurrence monday, watsonville man was arrested after assaulting two chp officers while under the influence of lsd. police in
8:45 pm
ç officers got a little surprise when they broke the window to save her. carmen chow reports.>> reporter: three )w> we found a snow- covered car, frosted windows. it looked 7slike there was an elderly woman frozen in the front seat. >> after breaking in, police realized it was an extremely realistic life-size mannequin. öñ
8:46 pm
>> if it was a joke, it was strange. the mannequin was in the front seat with a seatbelt on appearing to be a passenger in the car.>> the hudson police said they would do is -- the same thing again in the
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oic safety. it's not clear whether the police department will pay for ÷ the broken window. pokimon go became v&0a glob someone almond on this year. nintendo is releasing its first- ever mobile game, super mario paula newton looks at how it could change the playbook for the industry by charging gamers ccess.>> reporter: nintendo's first-ever mobile game, super mario run.>> this is the beginning of the shift in the gaming space and uin mobile. öslsñmobil companies. >> reporter: experts a mobile gaming will and the year with $35 billion worth of revenues, a full 20% increase 0&from 2015 more people play games on mobile than on pcs and consuls. -- consoles. nintendo, the one time king of retro consuls, could not wait any longer to u,ñ
8:48 pm
cash in, especially after pokimon go.>> the question is where we ÷ñget the most bang fo your buck? there are more people with smart phones than ñiconsole games. the vast majority of 7sñpeople aming will be able to take advantage of dis mobile.>> reporter: super mario run is a groundbreaking game in+ other ways. it will rs5be free to download play up to a point. to unlock the full potential, you have hg5to shell out $10. some believe nintendo is making a mistake. >> they are leaving "gza vomlot kmby not using the premium option. some games are making $1 billion a year. when you put out a paid game, you cap ;w,your earnings.
8:49 pm
>> reporter: apple is sure to profit. it has exclusive rights. the gaming community says super mario will help the entire industry sprint ahead. a police takedown caught on camer.xr what one pflflorida -- a flori officer was able to wrangle a gator with her bare hands. as always, gadgets are topping wish list. whoever you're shopping for, him, her, the kids, i have you covered. i created the ultimate holiday gift guide. bút
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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time for kron4 sports.>> it was a busy day and evening in sports. bowl games started up. we start in nevada. las vegas bowl happening tanguay -- today.
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early on, it was all houston. greg ward finds keith corbett on the 2 yard line. what a throw. what a catch. that would set up this. it in right side. that would put houston up 10-0. houston, we have a probl?5j no one can taken down up the middle. 32 yards for the score. 10-7 houston. the cougars pass to the right, intercepted, ron smith goes 54 yards. nobody would catch him. that would eventually make a 20- 10. then a monumental day for pumphrey of san diego state. meeting 11 yards to becom-!qçt all-time rushing leader in fds history, cuts the right side. he has got it. he passes ron dayne of wisconsin, finishes with 6405 yards on his career. san diego state wins 34-10.
8:54 pm
.hours away lufrom raiders football. the team traveled the san diego, landed there a few hours ago. kickoff against the chargers -- chargers is 120 -- 1:25 tomorrow afternoon. if the silver and black win, playoffs for the first time since 2002. the second largest playoff ÷úthe nfl o the bills. they are trying to win the division. kansas city sits atop that position with the same record as the raiders but also two wins this year over the raiders as well. as for the 49ers, the team thatñ has lost 12 in a row, they are in atlanta preparing for the falcons. their game starts 100 jgcand -- 1:05 tomorrow afternoon. it has the second worst record in the league, only behind the browns %qñin the draft.
8:55 pm
the pluses this team has the fourth most rushing yards in the league kl/this year. falcons are averaging about 33 points goáa game. the niners are giving up over 30 points again. when it comes to the niners, there has definitely been more talk about the future, coach chip kelly and owner jed vktyor in, are in the same positions with the team. insider say changes dzwill come in some capacity. warriors also playing tonight but we will talk about that at 10:00. it was a police social media. sarasota police officer responded to reports of an alligator in the front yard. check this out. she goes after it and takes the alligator down. tape on the gators mouth may have helped out. it turns out it had recently been caught by a trapper but was stolen and was delivered to
8:56 pm
two trappers by state wildlife workers.>> she did not put the bmouth.>> it was already 2íon it. >> i would feel more comfortable if there was tape on the mouth. that's still impressive. >> when you leave work and say how was the day, and you say you did some alligator wrestling... >> you never know what is going to happen. cold temperatures out here tonight. we will see very chilly weather. the -9ñnumbers, look at this, d to 39 degrees. even in san jose. cold temperatures all around the bay area. frost will be widespread 6 half-moon bay (at 36. 32 in petaluma, 34 in santa rosa. we are working on the big chill, overnight lows down in the 20s and 30s. could be talking about some record cold lows tonight. zv there's chilly temperatures should moderate as we head into you at least monday.
8:57 pm
that kosome expect 1.lthings settle down a little bit and warm-up again.>> weather roller coaster. we will be back tonight at 10:00. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke.
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i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat.
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i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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♪ ♪ show me the smile again we remember beloved tv dad alan thicke. >> to my dying day, if that's the last thing on my epitaph, he was the dad on growing pains, thank the lord. >> exclusives with the man who called 911, alan's family and the friends who knew him best. >> he's just gone. >> our time with alan at his wedding and on set. >> mostly by staying out of his way. then prince harry and his hollywood girlfriend's first photo together. will the queen shut meagan out of the royal christmas? plus mark wahlberg back home with his mom. >> you know the rule. you have


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